you're very experienced with an impressive track record but will we get on?

Traditional recruitment practices, panel interview, presentation and trial by sherry, take a short list of suitably qualified candidates and ask members to chose the one they like best not necessarily the one most compatible with their boss. I know attempts has been made to convince members that psycho metric tests can identify and match personality traits but I have never yet meet an interview panel that would put the test results above their own face to face /first hand experience of the candidate. Members don't really trust what they don't understand but they do understand that the Director needs to be able to share the same values, enjoy the same sense of humour and have a  natural rapport with their senior managers. Taking a leaf out of the methods used on computer dating sites simply ask the Director and candidates to chose their favourite films from each pair. Should tell you all you need to know.

The God Father v 12 Angry men
Die Hard v  The Italian Job
Four weddings and a funeral v Forest Gump 
Shaun of the Dead v Monty Python's Life of Brian 
A Christmas Carole v Home Alone 
The Commitments v School of Rock 
Ghostbusters v Men in Black 
Last of the Mohicans v  Zulu 
StarWars v Star Trek 
The Magnificent Seven v Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 
(You could always try the compatibility test on your team mates)
Blair McPherson

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