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The bugs are making people angry and unreasonable. People are disaffected with a deep seated discontent  finding expression in misogyny and racism. Like a virus they infect people, exaggerating prejudices, distorting the way they see the world around them. People become opinionated and intolerant they are dismissive of those who hold different views to them. The bugs target politicians, cooperation is replaced by confrontation and conflict, government becomes paralysed as the two sides can find no common ground and are unwilling to compromises, moderation is selling out. Oh and the bugs come from outer space, enter into into people's brains by crawling through their ears and aim to take over the earth. It's part comedy part thriller set in Washington DC and called Brain Dead (Netflix ). On the positive side the presence of bugs in the brain removes the symptoms of Parkinson's disease improving the bodies performance. 
Over here in the real world post Brexit we are an increasingly sharply divided population. Emphasising differences works against compromise and cooperation. The more passionately held the views the greater the intolerance, lack of understanding, respect and empathy for those who hold opposing views. There are no known positive side effects. 
Blair McPherson www.blairmcpherson.co.uk

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