Happy new homepage!

New KHub Homepage - helping you stay connected

We’d like to wish all our members, partners and clients a very happy New Year! 2017 is set to be an exciting one for Knowledge Hub - not least because soon we’ll be unveiling our new look and feel. Your first impression of the new site will be when you sign in and see your homepage; but what will you find?

In your feedback about Knowledge Hub last year, you told us you wanted:

  • a more intuitive layout;
  • simpler, less busy pages with less text;
  • better use of space.

Simplicity and clarity
We’ve taken all of this into account, so when you sign in you’ll see:

  • a cleaner, easier to read activity stream;
  • your groups in the order you last visited them;
  • descriptive hover text over links to reduce unnecessary extra text on the page;
  • better use of icons;
  • more space for announcements and other items of interest e.g. popular blogs or forthcoming events.

New KHub Homepage

Staying connected
Knowledge Hub has always been about connecting you to the people and knowledge you need to do your work. That hasn’t changed. Your new, clearer activity stream gets you to your most recent updates from groups and connections straight away.
And so you can stay more easily connected to the groups you visit most regularly, the order in which you see your groups listed, will show your most recently visited ones first. You’ll also see that when you move your cursor over each group icon, the group name appears, meaning there’s no need for additional wording and the whole page appears a lot cleaner.
Clear menus and icons
A clearer, less cluttered top navigation menu bar accompanied by new iconography on all the contextual menus around the site means that you won’t feel confused about where you are. You’ll also find it easier to navigate to where you want to be.
Our new year’s resolution…? Keeping you connected to the groups, people and conversations you’re interested in throughout 2017 and beyond.
Look out for our next blog for more sneak previews and news on what’s changing on Knowledge Hub this year.
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