Make my day punk

If only you were in charge you could sort this mess out. You know what needs doing and you know how to do it. But how long before you turn into Dirty Harry the Clint Eastwood anti hero  who is the epitome of ruthless policing and never hesitates to cross professional and ethical boundaries in his quest to get justice. 

In senior management team meetings perfectly reasonable and charming colleagues would turn into Dirty Harry when informed by the head of HR that changes to working practises would have to be negotiated. The Trade Union's  concerns and reservations about the process of restructuring were met with snorts of " Turkeys don't vote for Christmas". When given feed back on the staff annual survey any criticism of management would be greeted by comments like, "they would say that would say that wouldn't they." And these normally fair minded individuals would accuse the members of being weak, indecisive and hypocritical if they failed to back a senior management decision. 

When you know what needs doing its very hard to listen to those who who express caution, doubts and opposition. So if you have the power it's very tempting to just impose your will, after all you're prepared to be judged by the out comes. Great generals don't " consult " with their troops before deciding to act. 

Dirty Harry would have no time for politicians as they were too concerned with upsetting public opinion and criticism in the media.  Dirty Harry would have a strained relationship with HR his failure to follow procedures and his attitude to those he perceived as getting in the way of getting the job done would result in complaints about bullying, arrogance and aggressive behaviour. When taken to task the uncompromising response would always be " I get results". 

I have known a few Dirty Harry's in my time. 
Blair McPherson former director, author and blogger 


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