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Knowledge Hub blogs explained - new blog template and subscriptions

Our members tell us that they find the discussion forum and library areas of groups among the most useful. But, what about the blog? Well, the blog is definitely growing in popularity. There was a 20% increase in new blogs written on Knowledge Hub in 2016. And we’re certain that is set to grow when your new version of Knowledge Hub is released soon.

Different strokes for different folks
A blog can be useful and entertaining at the same time. It can irritate, agitate, encourage and promote. It can give you insight into the person who wrote it. There are many different types of blogs, written for different reasons and by different and interesting people. Some you will like; some you won’t. For example, aside from the Knowledge Hub Team blogs, the five most viewed blogs on Knowledge Hub in the last month have covered subjects such as:

  • Mental health and dementia careNew KHub blog icon
  • High-age population data
  • Strategic and tactical knowledge management
  • Childhood obesity
  • A school IT partnership and competition

This list just goes to prove what an interesting and diverse community Knowledge Hub is.

Subscribe to a blog
A new feature coming soon in the Knowledge Hub will enable you to subscribe to another member’s blog. You’ll be able to receive email and/or in-platform notifications each time they post a blog. This will help you keep up to date with any blog from members whose opinions and reflections you trust and like to read. It also gives you an opportunity to comment on blogs as soon as they are published and keep up to date with the conversation.

Not sure how to go about writing a blog?
Writing a blog in the new version of Knowledge Hub will be nice and simple. You’ll be able to access your blog in the same place you do now – via your profile. When you add a blog, there will be a new, easy-to-follow template, which will enable you to add an image really easily and include a sub-title. You’ll also write your blog using the new-style editor – more to come on that another time.

Knowledge Hub's new blog template

If you’re stuck for inspiration, why not have a look through other people’s blogs? Writing a blog is a great way to share your personal thoughts and reflections on something, as well as providing people with useful information. Perhaps you’ve recently attended an event, which provoked some new thinking you’d like to share, or maybe you’ve just implemented a new way of working and you’d like to tell people about the successes and pitfalls throughout the process. The key is to be brave and give it a go!

Don’t forget your tags
The other important thing to do when blogging on the Knowledge Hub is to make sure you add tags (relevant key words). There are two main reasons for this:

  1. It makes your blog more searchable, so people can find it more easily.
  2. Tags are one of the ways blogs are pulled into groups. If you want your blog to appear in a group, you should tag it with all relevant keywords, so it appears in all the appropriate places.

If you find your blog is not appearing in your group, you should contact your group facilitator to find out which tags to use.

Find out more about writing a blog and adding tags. If you’re a group facilitator and you’re not sure how to pull blogs into your group, you can find out more here.

We’re looking forward to reading lots more of your blogs soon.

Look out for our next blog for more sneak previews and news on what’s changing on Knowledge Hub this year.
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