Community facilitators are superheroes, but what do they do?

Community managers/facilitators - they are your real superheroes

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day. A day that recognises and celebrates the efforts of community managers/facilitators. So have you said thank you to them for all the effort they put in to keep your group relevant, interesting and active?

What do they actually do?
This is a question that gets asked a lot. If you facilitate a Community of Practice, you know that it can be hard work… and that you sometimes need a sense of humour to do it!
If you’re someone who manages a facilitator, please realise the amount of effort that goes into to facilitating a community. Facilitators need your support and help. It’s not a quick and easy task for a member of staff to facilitate a successful community. It takes time, care and attention.

Dawn Foster (Community Expert) mentioned that the day-to-day responsibilities of most community managers contain an interesting mix of tactical tasks and strategic planning, and the work usually falls into four areas:

  1. Facilitation
  2. Content
  3. Evangelism
  4. Evolution

 What do they spend their time on?
A colleague of ours, Erica Hurley (Knowledge and Innovation Network), suggested that for a healthy community the facilitator tends to spread their time as follows:

  • Logistics - 10 %
  • Facilitation - 20%
  • Networking members - 40%
  • Network Stakeholders - 30%

We also did a bit of research on this a few years ago in the Online Facilitators Community, which suggested active group facilitators would spend around 4 hours a week facilitating the community across the following areas:

  • Strategy – 7%
  • Growth – 13%
  • Moderation 19%
  • Content – 28%
  • Relationships – 12%
  • Events and Activities – 12%
  • Technology – 9%

So if you have a moment, a little thank you to those who facilitate your group on Knowledge Hub will go a long way.

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day to all of our Knowledge Hub facilitators! And thank you for everything you do to make Knowledge Hub such a vibrant network of communities.

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