The new Knowledge Hub in action

KHub in action: members test out the new KHub

We’ve had an exciting couple of days sharing the early version of the new Knowledge Hub with some of you. We got to observe how new members and group facilitators, regular and occasional members, as well as experienced group facilitators and network administrators, interacted with the new site and features.

KHub user testing photo 1  KHub user testing photo 2  KHub user testing photo 3

Each participant got to explore the new look and feel, while completing specific tasks, to enable us to gain a deeper understanding of what they are doing and why. This is helping us to identify areas they intuitively understand, whether they expected to do/see certain actions, and where they took actions we did not anticipate and why. All of which is helping us to build an improved Knowledge Hub for you.

So, what did our testers discover?KHub user testing photo 4KHub user testing photo 5

Overall, we are happy that members were pleased with the new look and feel, and welcomed the clean and friendly page designs. Here’s what they had to say about some of  the new features…

New blog templateHomepage
“I like the layout, clean and not overcrowded.”

Inline editor for blogs and profile
“Good that you can just click on bits and edit them.”

Accessing a shared document
“Download is nice and obvious – good to have at the top and in your face.”
Mail, notification and search icons

“New icon for mail, bell for notifications and search options are self-explanatory and what I’d expect to see.”

Mobile interface
“It seems quite user-friendly and self-explanatory.”

What needs improving?

It was essential that we captured what users struggled with and questioned. Here are some of the areas that were highlighted as less intuitive. We’re looking at how we can refine and improve these now.

KHub user testing photo 7Viewing ‘my groups’ from homepageKHub user testing photo 6
“I can only see group icons and would like to see name of groups too.”

Confusion navigating between networks
“Expected to be able to go to the network link to change network.”

Sharing a document
“Too many document types – could cause confusion.”

Use of space
“Large white space at the top. If smaller, the announcement and groups portlets would be visible without scrolling.”

Thank you to our members who took part in these sessions and to those of you who have provided invaluable feedback over time. Without it,we wouldn’t be able to modernise and enhance your Knowledge Hub user experience.

We are looking forward to seeing the continued improvements to the new version and sharing them with you all very soon.

Look out for our next blog for more sneak previews and news on what’s changing on Knowledge Hub this year.
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Alex Marshall 5 Years Ago
Sounds exciting! do you have a date for the release of the new site? Thanks Alex
Dimple Rathod 5 Years ago in reply to Alex Marshall .
Hi Alex, yes it is! We’re on schedule for February and we’ll be publishing a date soon. Thanks