A simple text editor that enables your words to shine

Simple text editing - let your words do the talking

Whenever you write something on Knowledge Hub, be it a blog, a discussion or a comment, it’s important that what you say gets noticed. All the more reason for the mechanics of writing something to be as simple as possible. In your new version of Knowledge Hub, the new simpler text editor interface will give you a chance to concentrate on what really matters - your words!

What makes it so easy to use?
First off you get a really clear, uncluttered space to write in.

Clear, uncluttered space to write in using KHub's new text editor

Second, whenever you want to edit your content, for example making your text bold, or adding a hyperlink, simply highlight the area in question and the editor appears right there in context.

Finally, adding images couldn’t be simpler. Just click the plus sign and then the image icon and upload. In fact, you can even drag and drop images in if you like.

Adding images to KHub's new text editor

The new editor is completely contextual and moves with you around your post - wherever you need bold letters, images or links, you’ll be able to add them right then and there from your position in the text.

Key features of the new editor

  • Supported browsers: IE9+, Edge, Chrome, FireFox, Safari.
  • Smart toolbars appearing near the selected text making it easy to apply different functions.
  • Easy upload of images including drag and drop.
  • Insert images from the camera on your device - making it much more mobile friendly.
  • Paste text from another website and preserve its formatting e.g. hyperlinks etc.

Let your content do the talking
The new editor will help you make your Knowledge Hub posts stand out for all the right reasons. Instead of searching for the hyperlink button, or reformatting something you’ve copied and pasted, you’ll be concentrating on writing a quality contribution to a discussion, or posting a well written blog.

Look out for our next blog for more sneak previews and news on what’s changing on Knowledge Hub this year.

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Timothy Langner 5 Years Ago
Hi there It sounds good. Will the new editor offer a spellchecker or allow the ones built into web browsers to work?
Dimple Rathod 5 Years ago in reply to Timothy Langner .
Hi Timothy, we're firming up go-live plans in the next few days and we’ll have more information soon. We'll post more details as soon as we can. Thanks.