Reports available in LG Inform for monthly delayed transfers of care and measures from the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework


A single council view of the latest delayed transfers of care monthly data is available in a local authority (LA) level report in LG Inform. More detailed analysis at both Trust and LA level is available through a set of Excel tools - Delayed transfers of care (DTOC) tool (Excel tool – detailed interrogation of monthly data), along with a further version of this file focusing on the reasons for delay. All reports are updated monthly – the next update is due to be published on 9 February 2017.

Also available in LG Inform are two reports providing a detailed look at measures from the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework. The first provides a detailed look at the measures for an individual council - select the appropriate council and comparison group and then ‘apply’ to update the report. The second provides a regional comparison, comparing all regions side by side.


About LG Inform

Local Government Inform (LG Inform) is a practical response to the local government sector's call for greater freedom to take responsibility for its own improvement and increase transparency with the public. This online service allows you to access, compare and analyse data, and present your findings online or offline.

Developed by the LGA and local authority champions, LG Inform builds on the success of its prototype to give councils and fire and rescue services access to over 1,800 items of relevant contextual and performance data.

The search and reporting functionality allow users to assess performance locally, regionally and nationally across all areas of England. Such intelligence will help local authorities make the right decisions about their local areas and the services they provide.

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