Why is KHub going dotty?

More options: See what's relevant to you and take action

Your new Knowledge Hub has an exciting new look and feel, along with some improved ways to use the functionality and get involved in your groups. One of the things you told us was that you’d like to see less wordy, cluttered pages. So, to provide you with a much cleaner, clearer experience, the new layout will make it easier for you to immediately see what’s relevant to you.

Introducing the 3 vertical dotsThree vertical dots image
The new-look Knowledge Hub will use three vertical dots, known as the ‘vertical ellipsis’. When you see these dots, it simply means there are additional options here for you. You may have noticed these on other websites that you use (some use horizontal dots).

Where have we gone dotty?
You’ll spot the three vertical dots in the group forum and wiki, where it immediately makes the pages cleaner and enables you to spot key content quickly.

In the forum, you’ll find the dots displayed to the right of categories and threads. This directs you to your additional options including edit, move, subscribe and move to recycle bin.

Forum thread

Forum thread

When you’re in the group wiki each wiki page will have more options shown on the right-hand side.

Wiki page

So, whenever you see the three dots for more actions on the Knowledge Hub, click on it to see what options you have. You might be surprised with what you can do.


Look out for our next blog for more sneak previews and news on what’s changing on Knowledge Hub this year.

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Alex Marshall 4 Years Ago
Sounds great, looking forward to seeing the new site and clicking dots to see whats where! Best wishes Alex
Timothy Langner 4 Years Ago
Sounds good. When roughly is this due to go live?
Jason Fahy 4 Years ago in reply to Timothy Langner .
Hi Tim, We aiming to go-live in March. There are a couple of activities currently being re-tested so we expect to be in a position to confirm exactly which weekend by the end of February.