The Italian way

The thing about the Italian way is there is no Italian way. It's an Italian thing to be different to go your own way. This means there is no model or way of doing things that can be copied in the hope of emulating success. Which explains why management consultants have focused on the Japanese way, the German way or how successful organisations do it in the USA. Japanese team work, German efficiency and the can do mentality of the Americans are all much admired. A commitment to quality, a focus on the customer and a motivated workforce are all recognised ingredients of a successful organisation but what works in making cars doesn't necessarily work in the service industry and ways of managing staff that work in one country may not transfer  to another because of cultural differences. In trying to identify the common characteristics of successful organisations we may miss the obvious, what made them different was that they were different! They got the right pick and mix of ingredients to meet the particular circumstances at a given time. Now clearly there is a skill in this bringing together but there is also an element of good fortune. 

The Italian way simply means don't follow management orthodoxy  but seek your own form of non conformity.

Blair McPherson former director , author and blogger 

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