What to expect when your new KHub goes live

Your new KHub with modernised features for an improved experience

We are pleased to let you know that the new version of Knowledge Hub is due to go live soon. Over the last few months we have been working to build a new look and feel for Knowledge Hub, with many modernised features to improve your KHub experience.

In case you missed it, here’s a reminder of some of the exciting new features you can look forward to:

  • The new look and feel will have clearer navigation and page designs, as well as an improved mobile experience. New KHub home page
  • Your notification settings will allow you to choose how you receive your notifications – email or in-platform, in addition to more flexibility on what you do and don’t receive.
  • It will be much simpler to get to your profile, update it, and see everything related to you, such as your groups, messages, notifications and blog.
  • Whether you’re using your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the improved and consistent experience will be easier and quicker to access your groups, conversations and connections from your device.
  • You’ll find that your new home page is less cluttered and makes better use of icons. Your groups will be listed in the order you last visited them, and you’ll see relevant announcements and news straightaway.
  • Use the new @mention feature to grab someone’s attention and point them in the direction of a blog, discussion or comment you think they’d like, simply by typing the @ symbol and then the screen name of the person you want to mention.
  • Use the new, easy-to-follow blog template to write a blog. Add images easily and format the blog with the new-style editor. Another new feature allows you to subscribe to other member’ blogs so that you don’t miss them.
  • Our user testing sessions provided members with the opportunity to interact with the new site and features, which has helped us to build an improved Knowledge Hub for you. New KHub text editor
  • The new text editor design provides simpler formatting options which means that you have more space to focus on what you would like to write and share on KHub.
  • Whether you’re writing a blog or writing a forum a post, uploading images with the new image picker and editor will make great looking images stand out and add value to your content.
  • The new page layouts make it easier to see what’s relevant to you, and with the use of the 3 vertical dots you can see any additional options available for you to take action on.


Look out for more blogs soon about when the new look Knowledge Hub will go live.


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Edmund Lee 5 Years Ago
Could we have a count-down once you have set a date for the new look?
Stephen Dale 5 Years Ago
This sounds great. However, I'd like to see an improvement in performance. I know it varies dependent on number of users and time of day, but it's not normal to have to wait 3 minutes for an update to a blog post to be completed. If you want to check this through your activity logs I made the update at 10.01am this morning, 27th Feb.
Rob Smitten 5 Years ago in reply to Stephen Dale .
Have to concur with Stephen's view on performance. This morning has been particularly slow. I'm concerned because I want to launch a new group which will consist of new members for KHub. Their first experience of the service will be crucial in how they get involved.
Dimple Rathod 5 Years ago in reply to Rob Smitten .
Hi Ed, Steve and Rob, thanks for your comments. We are looking to go live at the end of March. A couple of issues are currently being worked on and once resolved we will announce a definite date. As blogs are not only published in the main blog area, but can also be pulled into individual groups via their tags, they can sometimes take a little longer to publish due to the system scanning the relevant groups that match the tags used. The new version of Knowledge Hub uses single page application, which will significantly improve performance across the site, and via any devices used. We are not aware of any performance issues today. If you are still experiencing slowness please can you email support@khub.net with further detail and we can look into it for you. Thanks Dimple
Rob Smitten 5 Years Ago
I'd like to coordinate launch of a new group with the new version. Any idea at all about the date or when an announcement could be made? It would be useful to know if this is going to occur in March?