Can Tony Soprano make you a better manager

A Lockdown box set showing that it’s not personal it’s just business 

Tony Soprano has never read a management book. Yet he successfully manages a diverse workforce in a very competitive and treacherous business environment. Tony doesn’t work long hours his meetings are short, measured in minutes  not hours. He rarely gets involved in the day to day operation of the business he leaves that to his captains telling them ,” It’s your job to make my job easier”. He doesn’t pretend that everyone has an equal say but is willing to listen. Whilst he believes in a hierarchy of management he recognises the need to be flexible and responsive and expects others to be the same so  job descriptions change over night, new alliances are formed old associates dropped and his people are moved in and out of leadership positions to get the best fit and ensure everyone shares his vision. Tony is clear he is in charge he calls the shots, he wants the business to succeed and each member of his team to excel. He hires well, delegates well and communicates effectively. He gets things done and expects his captains to do the same that’s why he is a good person to do business with. 


But don’t take my word  for it see for yourself how Tony leads his organisation , The Sopranos box set. (Or read Tony Soprano on Management by Anthony Schneider)


Blair Mcpherson former Director and author and blogger 

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