Interactive adult social care summary report for 2015/16

NHS Digital have published this interactive web-based summary report to give users a high level summary of a selected local authority’s activity in 2015/16 across the range of adult social care collections, compared against both the LA’s peer group and England as a whole. The purpose is to bring adult social care information together into one location and in a more user-friendly format. The dashboard will be developed on an ongoing basis to incorporate:

 ·         Greater detail of analysis and a wider range of metrics for each collection and survey

·         Comparison against regional neighbours as well as CIPFA ‘nearest neighbour’ peer groups

·         Time series analysis

·         Feedback from users


NHS Digital is seeking feedback from all users on the metrics in use and those metrics that should be developed, the functionality and usability of the dashboard, as well as general feedback on the appearance and usefulness of the dashboard. Please send all feedback to

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