The difference between management and leadership

Management, as managers are fond of saying, isn't about being liked but I say leadership is. Human nature is such that if staff don't like you they won't like what you say. If staff don 't like you they will mostly deny you the opportunity to influence their thinking. Leadership is all about influencing thinking. 

Management is about getting people to do what needs to be done. Managers encourage, support and if necessary instruct and people respond because of their position in the hierarchy. Leaders tell a story of how things could be and should be, they explain what needs to be done, what part individuals can play and what the future will look like. 

Blair McPherson 

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Blair McPherson 5 Years Ago
What is the difference between management and leadership- about £100k
Andrew Scripture 5 Years ago in reply to Blair McPherson .
There is an old adage which, despite appearing somewhat trite, is nonetheless a trusim - management is about doing things right; leadership is about doing the right things. I'm not even convinced that leaders need to be liked (although it obviously helps). History is littered with great leaders who were not well-liked (e.g. Churchill, Thatcher, Montgomery). I see leadership as essentially defining a vision and inspiring others to follow in pursuit of realising it. It clearly involves many personal qualities, but I've known many personable, efficient and effective people with good ideas, drive and so on - some were leaders; others were not. The first questions I ask myself of a leader include: Do they have a vision? Do I want to follow them? Do I trust them to do the right thing? Are they listening? If the answers to these are all 'yes', then I will start looking at their other qualities. My suggested options for a potential leader are: lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.