Playing up and Playing down 

Sometimes you have to play up and sometimes play down your abilities.

The scene is a golf club, the context a new manager trying to break into a close knit group of colleagues , the method, pretending he is a novice golfer and letting the leader of the clique  give him tips on how to improve his game, with remarkable successful results! 

Getting on and getting things done both involve more than talent and a strong business case. To ingratiate one self may mean swallowing your pride. Maybe you shouldn’t have to but there cannot be many people who have not felt it necessary on occasions to attempted to bring themselves into favour by flattery or trying to please some one with influence. Of course if this  is your main or only technic for advancing your ideas and career then you can expect to have a reputation for what the Americans call, “ brown nosing “. 

Blair McPherson former Director , author and blogger 

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