More than just a bunch of documents – 10 features of your group library

Knowledge Hub group library: sharing relevant content with group members

One of the most important and active features of any online group is the library. An organised and regularly maintained library can facilitate the exchange of information to help you and other members learn and grow. Not only is the library effective for bringing the group’s resources together, it allows members to share useful and relevant content with each other.

Here are 10 features that can help you make use of your group library.

1. Broad range of file types
The Knowledge Hub allows members to upload a range of file formats providing a lot of flexibility on the files you can work with and share. This is particularly useful for organisations with email restrictions on certain file types.
Having trouble with a particular type of file? Contact us on to see if it can be added.

2. File re-formatting (future development)
In addition to supporting a range of file types, Knowledge Hub will soon provide you with the option for downloading some file types in a different format. For example, converting a .doc to .pdf. Look out for that later in the year.

3. Folders
Group facilitators can help organise the library by adding folders to make it easy for you to find the content that you are looking for. There is also the option to use ‘parent’ and ‘sub-folders’ to make the structure of the library easy to navigate.

4. Preview
Previewing files can save you a lot of time by reducing the need to download files just to see if they have the information you need. Knowledge Hub currently provides a preview of PDF and image files. Your new version of Knowledge Hub includes a much improved document preview, enabling you to scroll through pages rather than view them one at a time. We’ll also be working to bring you a preview option for MS Word, MS Excel and a range of video formats later in the year too.

5. Security settings
You can choose to make the content viewable to the group only, or you can share it more widely and make it viewable by all members of the Knowledge Hub. There is also the option to make content ‘public’ (viewable on the internet) for information you might want to promote beyond Knowledge Hub.

6. Sorting
To make finding documents easier, the library has the ability to sort files by title, date created, date last modified, number of downloads and size. You can also find the latest files that have been shared in your group by selecting ‘recent’.

7. Search and full-text indexing
To help you find files with specific information, use the ‘search’ option in the library. The search is fully-indexed which means, it not only scans the headline, title, summary and tags, but also the text within the document.

8. Notifications and alerts
Discover when new content is added to your group’s library via your group email notifications. You can choose to receive a weekly, daily or immediate notification. You will also be notified immediately when members comment on any content that you have shared. In addition, your new version of Knowledge Hub includes an option to receive updates when items are added to individual library folders you are subscribed to.

9. Multiple files
Sometimes you need to upload more than one file. The library gives you the option to upload ‘multiple documents’ all in one go.

10. Download a folder
When there are several files in a folder which you need access to, you can download the entire folder as a ZIP file. For example, if you're running an event or providing content for the next meeting, adding all the content in one folder for members to download in one go will save time and effort.

Find out more about using the library.

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