The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Time Management 

Time travel doesn’t require a time machine. You can’t go forwards into the future only backwards into the past. Time travel is not open to everyone but every generation has individuals who do. You can’t visit any period in history the way they do in the books and films. Each time traveller can only revisit their past. The way it works is you die then you are reborn on the same day, in the same place, to the same parents as the first time. But with your memory in tact. Usually by the age of three you can recall all the details of your previous live(s), you have all the knowledge you acquired plus of course you know what will happen in the future up to the point you died.This can make for a difficult childhood.

It is very unwise to tell any one about this as unless you live in very enlightened times you are likely to be considered in league with the devil or insane. The treatment for which can be brutal. There are clearly opportunities  for making lots of money provided you do not draw attention to yourself. There are those who work for government agencies who would very much like your knowledge of future events and are not to bothered how they get it. 

You may be on your third or fourth life before you are contacted by others like you and you realise you are part of a very unique club. 
I expect you want to know if it’s possible to go back in time and change things? People do it all the time, making use of that knowledge and  experience gained in previous lives. But if you start to mess with big historical events like assassinating Hitler then things get very complicated. 

How many lives do Time Travellers ( TTs) have? No one knows they tend to lose count. If TTs always return does that mean that they can’t be killed? There is a certain point at which they are vulnerable. 

TTs don't have any special powers but they do tend to have remarkably good memories which comes in very useful when it comes to tellIng  the future. 

Since TTs are in every other respect just like you and me they have all the human weaknesses and flaws including feeling superior to ordinary people. Some might say the existence of TTs proves  knowledge is not the same as wisdom and experience does not necessarily make you a better person. 

They are however the future and humanities best hope. 


Information provided by Claire North 

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