Alien Encounter 

If aliens from a distant and previously unknown planet landed seeking asylum and only to be allowed to integrate into society, HR would have no problem adapting equality and diversity policies to include Little Green Men. After all colour, race and sexuality are already covered. 

From HR to all staff

In view of recent “new arrivals” there maybe a need for some minor tweaks to recruitment strategies to take into account the lack of recognised formal qualifications, different education systems and the need to identify  transferable skills plus some “ reasonable adjustments “ to take account of physical differences. (Managers are reminded there is a budget for adjustments and adaptations to the office environment.) 

Concerns have been expressed by staff about which toilets the “ new comers” should use as being androgynous  they are both male and female despite being commonly referred to as Little Green Men. Unisex facilities are considered the way forward. 

The standard Person Specification criteria regarding  communication skills will need adapting in view of the introduction of telepathy to the work place. Clearly this is no longer about the ability to speak and understand English but a cultural issue about when it is acceptable to read some ones mind. There are recognised technics to reduce the risks of inappropriate thoughts being expressed and blocking technology however best advise is if you don’t want people to know what your thinking don’t think it. 

Whilst most workplaces no longer have staff canteens never the less their are concerns about eating and drinking. So staff are asked to be culturally sensitive and not to eat or drink in front of aliens. Finally the policy on sexual relations between staff remains that it is inappropriate for a manager to have a relationship with a direct report irrespective of their species. 

It has come to senior managers attention that there is a considerable amount of false information on social media. To tackle misinformation, ignorance, myths and prejudice the organisation is running mandatory ET training courses.

We aspire to be an equal opportunity employer and for our workforce to reflect the profile of the local population to this end we have set recruitment targets adjusted to take account of recent arrivals. We believe as does the government that a diverse workforce offers huge benefits, new skills, new ideas and a different way of looking at things that will make us more efficient and more  competitive. It is up to each and everyone of us to creat a welcoming environment in which all species feel  the workplace is safe ,fair and free from prejudice. 


Blair McPherson former Director, author and blogger 

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