Managing a budget is too often like dieting 

Following on from his successful book “The Food Myth” Tim Spector has written , “ Spoon-Feed: Almost Everything We’ve Been Told About Food Is Wrong”. On reading it I was struck by the similarities between dieting and budgeting. Between loosing lbs and losing £s. Between cutting down and cutting. Between crash diets and dramatic budget cuts. Between the the special diets promoted by nutritional experts employed by the industry and the software products promoted by management consultants. 

The desire to lose weight quickly may work in the short term but the weight soon returns. Isn’t this like the blanket recruitment freeze ? Dieting leads to unhealthy eating. Just as year on year budget cuts or salami slicing has a damaging effect on an organisation.  Those adopting a crash diet are often seduced by unproven methods, tricked into buying  expensive specialist products by dubious claims of success and falling for myths that benefit the industry rather than the consumer. Such as “ outsourcing”. 

Blair McPherson former Director, author and blogger www.blairmcpherson.couk 


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