It’s your dream job but there is a catch

It’s your dream job. You have said so publicly and often, which hasn’t gone down well with previous employers. It’s high profile with a very competitive salary. But it’s only for nine months! It doesn’t matter how successful you are in this period at the end of it you will be gone. Your replacement has already been named by the incoming chair. This is not the best time to be joining there are financial and contractual issues to resolve and moral is desperately low following some very poor performance. It’s no secret that the task involves a major cull of some long term and very popular senior figures who need to make way for the injection of new younger and hungrier talent. However there is one very influential senior figure that you will need to convince to stay and help you develop the new talent. Their reputation and status will ensure the best are attracted. Will they find this a sufficiently satisfying role in a period of turmoil when many former colleagues are being forced out ? Is this how they want to spend their remains time before retirement or will they be seduced by offers to enhance their reputation elsewhere? 
Still want the job? 

Blair McPherson former Director , author and blogger 

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