LG Inform Week

Showcasing how the data service can be used to support local authorities with the immediate challenges of COVID-19 as well as longer-term thinking about recovery and beyond. 

LG Inform is the LGA’s free data service presenting local authorities with up-to-date published data about local areas. Containing 7,500 data items, and growing, LG Inform helps you review and compare performance with other local authorities using standard reports or via creating your own. Many themed and topic reports are available covering a wide variety of subjects. In addition, the information can be extracted and visualisations embedded on your website to support local Transparency.

Many of the reports available on LG Inform can support your immediate response to COVID-19 and longer-term recovery plans as well as wider challenges facing your locality. This week we are sharing a selection: 

COVID-19 Reports 

LG Inform's report writing capability has been used to create 12 detailed reports showing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on local areas across England. The scope of these reports covers cases per area, weekly deaths, care homes, vulnerable groups and regional workforce benchmarking.

These reports have been accessed over 590,000 times since 1st April. The case tracker ‘area view’ reports being the most popular with 385,551 downloads. 

Climate Change and Young People 

The Green Jobs report on LG Inform provides analysis of the jobs required for a net zero economy in England, and where these will be located in the coming years. Based on industry insight from a series of expert interviews and a literature review, this report includes an assessment of the number of jobs that will be required, by sector. This estimate is further broken-down to regional and local authority level, based on industry insight and the current sectoral breakdown in each area.

LG Inform's Children's Health and Wellbeing report outlines several key indicators of children and young people’s health and wellbeing in any English local authority, including key health outcomes, measures of safety and welfare and wider health determinants. It is designed to support local discussions about key issues and challenges related to the health and wellbeing of children and young people in your area.

Managing 'Place'

The Financial and Economic Hardship report provides an overview of financial hardship and economic vulnerability in any English local authority as a result of Covid-19.  It is intended that this insight can be used to help: inform the design of support services; encourage greater partnership working; help make the case for resources and funding as well as aid the development of effective recovery approaches.  It has been designed for viewing at local authority geographies. Since its release in September, this report has been downloaded over a thousand times!  

LG Inform's Cohesion and Integration report is intended as a tool to support local authorities in measuring the cohesion and integration challenges in their differing community contexts, and to help build the evidence base needed to support local decisions about strengthening community cohesion and integration. Importantly, the report enables authorities to review and compare their profile with other authorities.

Health and Wellbeing 

Indices of Multiple Deprivation report. The Indices of Deprivation are a group of measures of relative deprivation primarily for small areas (lower super output areas) in England. Although the Indices are primarily designed to be measures of small-area deprivation, allowing pockets of deprivation to be identified, the scores can be aggregated up to higher geographies, including local authorities and are shown in this report.

The Social Determinants of Health report. Health is determined by a complex mix of biological and social factors which include income, housing, employment and one’s immediate and wider environment. This report provides an in depth view of the demographics and wider determinants of health in any English local authority. It is designed to inform discussions about local challenges and successes around health and wellbeing by providing the wider context influencing health outcomes in the area.

Themed Reports 

The Population and Demographics report provides an overview of the mid-year population estimates for any English local authority for 2019 taken from the Mid-Year Population Estimates published by the Office for National Statistics. Data in this report is updated annually in June of each year.

LG Inform's Special Educational Needs report presents the statistics on SEND available for any English local authority, compared to your selected comparison group e.g. All English metropolitan boroughs. This should help to assess how well arrangements since the reforms are working and compare delivery across local areas. The aim is to bring local area SEND data into one place, providing an evidence base that can be a starting point for conversations at a local and national level on progress and priorities.


You can keep up-to-date with the latest reports on LG Inform and use them to support your local authority both in the immediate response to COVID-19 and longer-term recovery through an active group on the Knowledge Hub, following @LGInform on twitter and subscribing to the LG Inform monthly newsletter.



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