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So… how is your school’s data protection training coming along? Confident that all staff know their responsibilities under GDPR and what they should do if they believe school data is being compromised? Have you taken a look at the data protection training developed by Leeds City Council yet? 

The GORSE Academies Trust has…and they’re liking it. The Strategic Lead Officer for the Trust, commented, ‘Leeds City Council’s training is striking the right balance for his staff between knowledge of GDPR and understanding their responsibilities on a day to day basis’. The Trust implemented the Data Protection eLearning for Schools in January 2020, the training formed part of a wider ongoing programme of data protection training for all Trust staff. 

The Data Protection eLearning for Schools course developed by Leeds City Council combines factual information with relevant, school-based scenarios designed to make staff think about decisions they have to make when processing personal data. It is interactive throughout and has a short quiz at the end to test for comprehension.

In these difficult times there are many issues to be aware of, not least the continual and ever-present threat of cybercrime; this is addressed in detail in one the modules available to staff, as well as advice on what constitutes a data breach, what to do in the event of one, and, crucially at the moment, the implications for staff who work from home as well as in a school setting.

Carol Dunn, the Principal Information Training Officer involved in the development of the eLearning, says, ‘We’ve tried to make the training as user-friendly as possible, presenting information about responsibilities within the law and real-life situations which staff are likely to come across. Feedback has been very positive, with staff remarking on the attractive presentation and realistic nature of the scenarios.’

To find out more, contact Leeds City Council, Information Management and Governance, by emailing: IGSolutions@leeds.gov.uk.   

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