Digging Managers out of holes 

Wisdom is the greatest quality a manager can have. The trouble is it is not easily or quickly gained. It comes over time from experience. For the inexperienced manager help is on offer from HR. They have the accumulated experience of many manager over many years. There is nothing they have not come across before - well almost nothing. But be assured they have come across more difficult employees than the one that‘s causing you concern at the moment, they have resolved conflicts, mediated changes, addressed issues of conduct and performance, resolved complaints of bullying, harassment and unfair dismissal. They have tackled the misuse of company computers to access porn, interpreted the dress code during the heat wave, provided the means to address absenteeism, they are experienced in promoting best practise in recruitment and selection and dealing with the fallout when it’s not followed.In short they are good at digging managers out of holes and even better at helping managers avoid such self inflicted traps. 

Blair Mcpherson former Director. Author and blogger www.blairmcpherson.co.uk 

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