Really wonderful news that our beloved charity shops can reopen from 12th April, and they will be wanting your pre-loved donations. But the COVID situation has imposed limitations on what many of the charities can manage with regards to donations. Some charities may prefer to collect from you. This allows them more flexibility to make the most of what resources and people they have at any time, and to take donations to a location that can deal with them.


GOLDEN RULE - contact your chosen charity or shop prior to visiting


VOLUNTEERS - the Charities may well have reduced numbers of volunteers, and, or reduced hours they can attend.  This will, at least for now mean the charities will have to adapt to what they have got and make the most of their resources.


SHOPS - not all shops will be opening on the 12th, some will be staggered to open over a timescale, and some you knew of may have permanently closed.  Those that do reopen may have reduced days as they can't staff a full week's trading or may do fewer hours per day for the same reasons.


DONATIONS - The situation with volunteers and shops as above, will also have an effect on donations.  There may well be fewer staff and volunteers to deal with donations, a lack of locations to drop off donations, a lack of space in those premises that are open and trading, and maybe a lack of vehicles and persons for the collection of donations.


THINGS CHARITIES CANT ACCEPT- there are always some things the charities can't accept, and these are mainly dictated by,


Health & Safety Legislation

Legal Restrictions

Goods that are either not saleable, or there is no demand, and, or they incur a cost to the charity to dispose of them correctly

Lack of space and resources for some items, for some charities.


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