Cornwall Council Benchmarking


Cornwall Council is refreshing its Environment Services contract, and as part of process, we are undertaking a benchmarking exercise to capture best practice across other Local Authorities. I wonder if anyone here could help me with the questions below? And if you could share your existing arrangements, I will be extremely grateful.

Many thanks !


  1. Do you deliver activities such as routine inspection of Environment Assets, Public Rights of Way routine inspection, specialist arboriculture services, Inspection and routine maintenance of equipped play areas/youth facilities, Capital works design, project management of Countryside/Coastal Access, Burials service for Council run cemeteries and delivery of landscaping grounds maintenance services?
  2. Are those activities delivered “in house” or outsourced to a 3rd party?

If outsourced:

  1. Is it a stand-alone contract or embedded into other activities?
  2. Is it a bespoke contract or a model form such as NEC3, JTC?
  3. Is the Supplier a teckal company?
  4. Was the contract tendered or awarded directly to a Supplier?
  5. Could you share the payment methodology and how productivity is monitored?
  6. Could you share the service specification?
  7. Could you please also share with us the KPIs that are used to monitor the effectiveness of the delivery?

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