It’s editing Jim but not as we know it. 

I wrote - Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise is 90 or the original actor to play him is. 

But that’s not what appeared in print.


I write occasional articles for several professional journals. One in particular runs 2 or 3 new articles on its web site every day. That requires a lot of new articles which is presumably why I have enjoyed a high success rate in getting published. But this volume of material must also require a large editorial team. Only I suspect it doesn’t. My suspicions have been raised by some idiosyncratic use  in type size and wrong sounding sentences. I think this is an example of AI editing.


AI attempts to correct what it perceives as human error. Is this an omen. One day AI will be making decisions in place of air traffic control or the operation of nuclear power plants at which time correcting perceived human error would have far more dramatic consequences than a wrong sounding sentence. 

Blair Mcpherson former Director author and blogger 

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