To many Problems Not enough Solutions 

Lets highlight problems but not a Solutions.

if only we take a problem and deal with there and then . "would we be less stressed dealing with problems later on" .

"Maybe or Maybe Not"

  its all problems . its a fact we all have problems , but do we have solutions for all the problems and what do we do with the problems we can not solve?.


So what is a Problem . My view "Nothing that can Not be solved" 

lets take a problem . Car wont Start Going To be late for work  you are the only criver in the household.

This is such a common problem  that causes us unthinking panic stress and everyone in the household becomes effected by this 1 problem . 

So now we have a 1 person problem now turn into a family issue possible 4 people problem . 


Lets See the Simplest Solutions 

Call recovery ASAP There now on the way 

Call or Text The Boss let them know car problems and going to be late 

Don't bother other in the house there's no need . 

other problems could be work related relationship and more anything can become a problem . but it really dose depend on how we deal with them and have solutions in place as every problem dose have a simple solutions .



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