The waiting

After the interview comes the waiting. It's the worst part of applying for jobs. I hate it when they say , "we will let you know after the weekend". You spend all weekend going over the interview, did you say the right things, did you come over as someone they could work with, should you have given fuller answers, did you waffle?  It's so hard to read the body language but they seemed interested in what you had to say and they smiled and nodded a lot. If they were going to offer you the post you would be the first person they would ring. So they might ring tonight. Every time the phone rings you think this might be it. But it isn't .They won't ring on a Saturday , will they? If I haven't heard by Monday lunch time then I haven't got it. Monday afternoon I am still hopeful. 

If you're going to make the decision today why not say you will ring the successful candidate tonight at home . Perhaps it is best to leave the unsuccessful ones till the next day when you are fresh and able to provide the detailed feedback some will request and all will benefit from. 

There are some employers who don't bother notifying the unsuccessful candidates, "if you don't hear from us you haven't been successful". This sort of disrespect tells you all you need to know about the organisations approach to employees. 

Blair McPherson former director author and blogger 


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