This Zoo is not for you 

About a platypus enduring a series of job interviews with some snooty zoo animals.

First to grill the platypus is Chi Chi the panda, a podgy , ageing star surrounded by his own merchandise.
"I'm special ,rare
And famous too
To get me here
Was quiet a coup
But you don't even eat bamboo!
I think this zoo is not for you

Intended as a children's book but has a lot to say about diversity. Made me  think of an organisation as a Zoo. Are the Zoo keepers HR and Finance the support services? Do you recognise the characteristics of any of the animals in your colleagues or management? 

Monkeys  the creative team, the fun guys, but can throw the shit. 
Meerkats everyone likes them, as they busy themselves doing nothing but always on the lookout.
Crocodiles resilience, been around for a long time,survived changes,will still be here when others are long since gone.
Chameleons  blend in, never out of place, rarely noticed so not identified for promotion but not singled out for redundancy. 
Painted dogs run in a pack, are not strong, are not fast, are not cute so what use are they?

Blair McPherson author of An Elephant in the Room 

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Blair McPherson 3 Years Ago

"This Zoo is not for you", Author  Ross Collins