Managers you want to do well for.

I consider my self to be very self motivated when it comes to work. Even if I had lost faith in the organisation and fallen out with my line manager my professionalism would not allow me to just go through the motions. However there were some managers I worked for who really got the very best out of me. Managers who I really wanted to do it for. They were very different individuals, so what was it they had in common that made me react so positively? 


To say they   “inspired me “ is an over used expression however they all had strong values that I wanted to adhere to.  Two of them had a rebellious streak that I could relate to. Yet another was quite conservative, keen not to rock the boat or upset anyone. In marked contrast to one of the rebels who divided option and was happy to do so. One dressed like a senior manager and had an air of gravitas the other didn’t and had a strong regional accent that coupled with his hair cut reminded you of a night club bouncer, all be it a very polite one. One was an excellent networker,  a completer finisher. Another was a passionate innovator. One believed in taking people at face value unless or until they let you down, and people did. Another was a very astute judge of character who instinctively knew who to trust and who was just saying the right things. One couldn’t understand why anyone would not like them or would not trust them and was probably far to trusting themselves. 


They all showed faith in me and my abilities. They all gave me a feeling that I had freedom to act and they would back me if things went wrong. They were also prepared to be very direct with me if they felt I abused their trust . I considered each one to be a mentor as well as my line manager and treated them as such long after I had moved to other posts. 


So for me the manager I wanted to do well for was the one whose values I shared , who recognised my abilities,  trusted me to do and say the right thing and whose support I could rely on. 


Blair Mcpherson former Director author and blogger 

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