Snooze and you lose

Don’t over interpret the data.

Those who need five hours or less sleep a night are more successful than those who need eight hours or more. Less sleep gives you more time to do things and  being more productive makes you more successful. 

Research around what makes a successful  business person or political leader has identified a correlation with the amount of sleep they claim to need. From interviews and biographies reachers found a higher proportion of successful people needed less sleep than the average person. Does this mean the way to be more successful is to sleep less or does it mean that if you can’t function without eight hours sleep no matter what other qualities you possess you will never be a high flyer? 

Those who are high flyers are often living on their adrenaline, they can’t sleep for more than five hours at a time. They are over stimulated. What they fail to mention is their ability to catnap during the day because they rather like perpetuating the myth of this superpower. Just as many successful people stress the value of a good nights sleep and the ability to turn off their brain from the constant thought of work.

Blair Mcpherson former Director author and blogger www.Blair

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