A racist can spot a racist 

A racist can spot another racist although neither would identify themselves as such. A black person knows a racist even a cleaver one who is careful about what they say and who they say it to. Their problem is convincing the rest of us/ the organisation that this articulate , intelligent professional is doing all they can to block, undermine and sow the seeds of resentment against black staff. 

A black member of staff claims they have been prevented from applying for a post by a manager changing the person specification specifically to exclude them. This can't be proved. A few days after it becomes public knowledge that this individual has made a formal complaint against this popular manager the individual receives an abusive  anonymous letter.

"How dare you accuse such an experienced manager of being racist just because you didn't get the job you wanted. You do black colleagues no favours with your arrogant attitude and your belief you are entitled to special treatment. You are rubbishing the name of a good person. If you don't like it here do us all a favour and go and work somewhere else ". 

Despite the letter being sent through the internal mail system an investigation fails to identify who it came from or which office it was sent from. 

The black member of staff is frustrated and feels let down by the organisation. They leave.  

Blair McPherson author of An Elephant in the Room an equally and diversity training manual published by Russell House www.blairmcpherson.co.uk

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