Mental health and wellbeing JSNA toolkit

The National Mental Health Intelligence Network have published the Mental Health and wellbeing JSNA Toolkit.

The toolkit has been in development since 2016 and its release signals the network’s intent to support the development of mental health and wellbeing joint strategic needs assessments (JSNAs).

It has been developed for those seeking to understand the breadth and complexity of mental health issues in their area, such as JSNA and mental health leads in local authorities and clinical commissioning groups. It helps people to consider factors that affect mental health and wellbeing and to identify some of the key data, information and knowledge that local areas may use to build a picture of need.

This toolkit combines:

  • a knowledge guide that provides an overview of topics to consider when thinking about the mental health and wellbeing needs in a local area.

  • a mental health and wellbeing joint strategic needs assessment profile which provides a starting point for thinking about national level data relating to mental health and wellbeing. Spanning the life course it includes data on prevalence, risk and protective factors for a range of conditions, and also service related data on activity, quality, outcomes and finance.

The two elements of the toolkit are designed to work together and provide a sound starting point and overview of mental health and wellbeing. For any questions or feedback, please contact the team on

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