Drugs and Driving 

He doesn’t remember anything about the accident. If it was an accident. The boy who was due to go to Oxford but who now struggled to writ his name. His best friend said he was up set. His girl friend said it was a silly argument. But neither of them would say anymore. When he crashed through the road works he was doing over a hundred. Everyone said he was lucky to be alive although he didn’t see it that way as he struggled to learn to walk and talk all over again. He would regain those skills, the old determination was there but something important was missing. The quick witted joker with the cheeky grin and the lust for life had been replaced.The spring in his step was now a shuffle. The confidence replaced by self conscious doubts. The alert brain now rapped in a blanket of fog. The I know your face but I can’t remember your name. 
It made his friends sad, they prefer not to be reminded of who he used to be so they stopped  coming round. And that made his mum cry, his dad angry and his sister shop lift. 


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