Just a job, away of putting food on the table and paying the rent/bills 

As a consequence of the pandemic and a lengthy period away from work more employees that ever lack enthusiasm and motivation for their job. 

The pandemic has caused significant numbers of employees to question whether they want to change jobs and do something different. The return to work has reveal previously unrecognised or ignored levels of disengagement. The management have tended to assume that whilst a minority of employees may feel it’s just a job and do as little as they can get away with the majority care about their work and with good management can be persuaded to give of their best. Add some inspiring leadership from the top and these same employees will become committed to the organisations goals and values and care about its performance. Turns out no to be so. 

It’s a little more nuanced than  it may appear. There have always been those like nurses and doctors who are motivated by a desire to do the best for their patients rather than hit hospital targets, similarly social workers and teachers don’t do it for management. So employees can be dedicated and enthusiastic about their work but have no faith in the organisations leadership and be indifferent to the organisations performance. 

As a Director preparing a service for a major inspection where I wanted to present the organisation in the best possible light front line managers and their staff wanted to use the opportunity to highlight some of the difficulties they faced. 

Good people management can get the best out of employees and inspiring leadership will sell a vision that motivates employees and makes them feel that their contribution can make a difference. Such an organisation has a better chance of success. However it would appear that following the disruption of the pandemic where whole workforces were furloughed for months many employees feel disengaged from their organisation. They are defiantly not enthusiastic, they feel their contribution makes little difference, the organisations goals and values seem irrelevant and the leadership uninspiring. 

If this is to be just a temporary thing, part of a general low , a natural reaction to two difficult and draining years, then organisations need to have a re engagement plan other wise this malaise could seriously damage the organisation prospects for the future. 

Blair Mcpherson former Director author and blogger www.blairmcpherson.co.uk 

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