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Volunteering and giving something back

I stumbled across this yesterday: A way of signing up to share your career guidance and experience with the younger generations at school. I found the information on their website absolutely fascinating. Did you know that by six years old girls have already decided that there are some jobs they will not be able to do as they consider them a male role? Isn't that sad - considering the number of people out there working on major projects in industries which use backgrounds in things from engineering to digital.

I have signed up because I know just how influential you can be on young people. I did a mock interview with a vet when I was 16, and I realised I was not meant to be a vet. It allowed me to think hard about what suited me and what I really wanted to do, and when it turned out it was planning the exam revision schedule on excel that was more fun than biology, I started my journey to becoming a project manager. I wish I had a project manager who had come in and spoken to me, I would have taken a different path.

So come and sign up and share your life and work experiences for the next generation: 

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Paul Whiffen 3 Years Ago

Good post Annie, and agree with what you are saying. When I was young all I wanted to do was join the Royal Navy, and a Lieutenant came to my school to see me. In the end I didn't join because I failed the appropriate eyesight test but I always was very impressed that someone came to talk to me - it made a big impact and even though I couldn't join I have remained a supporter of the RN.