How Knowledge Hub saves you money

Doing “more with less” is nothing new to public sector organisations and there’s an expectation that normal service will be maintained. Everyone is under pressure to find cost effective solutions in service delivery.

We, at Knowledge Hub, have always been great believers in the opportunities that online collaboration offers to save the public sector money. But can it really make that much of a difference?

Saving money through technology

While there are a whole host of file sharing, project management and collaboration tools to choose from these days, many of them have limitations, particularly within their free versions. Knowledge Hub is different. Built for the public sector, by the public sector to support you to collaborate across organisations and sectors, we want you to benefit from genuine cost savings.

1. We don’t compromise on security.
Your data is safe and secure. Knowledge Hub is hosted within a secure cloud in the UK.

2. We invest in development, so you don’t have to.
Knowledge Hub offers a broad range of functionality built on open source software, much of which is available to members at low cost or free of charge. We work with our members to develop collaboration tools that are relevant to you and your needs, this means that you influence the technology development roadmap.

3. We offer free support.
As well as a whole raft of free support materials readily available online, we offer contact with real people to help you if you get stuck. We also run regular, free walkthrough webinars.

Saving money through people

Companies seeking to increase profitability will often look to their people as crucial to their competitive advantage. The same is true within online collaboration. The technology can only take you so far. Ultimately it’s Knowledge Hub’s members that really drive the savings to be made.

1. Slashing travel costs and travel time
Traditional collaboration relies on face-to-face meetings, which can be expensive, especially when you’re working with people in different geographical locations. Online collaboration via the Knowledge hub gives you the freedom to work together at any time, outside of meetings, offering the opportunity to reduce face-to-face meetings to a minimum.

2. Promoting sharing and reuse
Membership of Knowledge Hub enables widespread sharing of good practice, what works and what doesn’t. This provides a genuine opportunity to learn from what others have done, avoid duplicating the same mistakes and save time and effort through reusing good ideas.

3. Increasing productivity
Knowledge Hub supports its members to work more efficiently through joint problem solving, improved cross-department and organisation communication, exploring creative and innovative solutions together and developing new skills and expertise.

Knowledge Hub has a proven track record of supporting its members to save time and money. Read our case studies to find out more about how members have been using the Knowledge Hub to drive efficiency and productivity.

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