Catch 22 Dawes Unit: A public health approach to tackling youth violence

The Catch22 Dawes Unit works with individuals, families, schools and communities to reduce gang involvement and its effect on local areas. The Unit also provides research which addresses the problems caused by gangs and explores how best to prevent gang involvement and support those looking to exit.

Catch22 Dawes Unit and MHP Health’s report, Violence prevention, health promotion: a public health approach to tackling youth violence, provides the first comprehensive analysis of the extent to which new health and wellbeing boards are recognising youth and gang violence as a public health concern. The analysis focuses on the 33 areas of the country - 60% of which are in London - identified by the Government as having the most serious problems associated with gang and youth violence. The report finds that although many areas appear to be acknowledging gang and youth violence as a public health issue this is not yet being translated into strategic planning decisions.

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