Interactive map of health and wellbeing priorities across England

Last week we released an interactive map highlighting the priorities of all health and wellbeing boards across England. If you would like to update the priorities for your area, or if you want to map to additional or alternative themes within the map, please contact

About the map of health and wellbeing priorities

Local health and wellbeing priorities have been mapped against a number of key themes - when you select a theme the map highlights all areas who have included it in their priorities. By selecting an area on the map, you can link to the local Health and Wellbeing Strategy for more detail, or view reports on health and wellbeing in the local area produced in LG Inform (local authority level) and LG Inform Plus (a ward level comparison within the local area). A link to the latest Health Profile from Public Health England (PHE) is also provided.

This map is designed to provide a practical tool that helps to simulate collaboration and learning between areas. Local summaries have been drawn from PHE's Health Profile 2013, but due to space limitations not all the priorities are included for some areas. The classification by priority themes is subjective and is designed to highlight where there are similarities - it is not a definitive list of all local activity. Local Health and Wellbeing Strategies will provide more detail on local action.

We would like to update the map to include a fuller description of priorities to coincide with the launch of PHE's Health Profiles 2014 planned for the 8th July.

If you would like to update the priorities for your area, or if you want to map to additional or alternative themes within the map, please contact

Please send any amendments by Thursday 26th June to allow changes to be made in time for the next planned release.

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Alex Marshall 6 Years Ago
Great map, thanks Philippa
Former Member 6 Years Ago
This is fantastic- thank you for sharing
Philippa Lynch 6 Years Ago
There has been a lot of interest in the categories used in the map. Essentially our aim is to have a generic set of categories that can be understood across the board, and that help to highlight where there are similarities and opportunities where different areas can learn from and share experience with others. So whilst there is some flexibility around the priorities we don’t want to make them too specific to one or two local areas, or focused on a very specific area of interest, as this may not pick up useful similarities. The current list of priorities is very subjective, and are certainly not set in stone. We would welcome views on the current set of catgeories and any key themes not highlighted. Current catgeories used are as follows: Alcohol and substance abuse Best start in life for children Better care Building safe, sustainable communities Cancer Cardiovascular disease Dementia Diabetes Economic wellbeing Health Inequalities Healthy living Immunisation Improving health and wellbeing into older age Improving the health of children and young people Managing long term conditions Maternity and parenting Mental health and wellbeing Obesity in adults Obesity in children Premature mortality Prevention and early intervention Respiratory disease Sexual health Smoking Supporting an ageing population Supporting vulnerable citizens Tackling determinants of health and wellbeing Transition to adulthood