National wellbeing - interactive wheel of measures

The national wellbeing interactive wheel of measures provides an eye catching and easy to use means of accessing data on national wellbeing. The map allows you to explore the measures of national wellbeing across the various domains including health, education and skills, where we live, our relationships and our personal wellbeing. The latest version was published in March 2014.

Further interactive content on national wellbeing measures is available through a series of charts and maps that allow you to explore the data. lnformation and data for the latest release of domains and measures is available in various formats  from ONS, including an Excel file containing the latest data and time series data and links to data sources.

Measuring National Wellbeing: Life in the UK, 2014 provides the latest overview of wellbeing in the UK today. A snapshot of wellbeing is provided across 10 domains of wellbeing, together with a brief overview of international comparisons. The report is the second summary of life in the UK to be delivered by the Measuring National Wellbeing programme and will be updated annually.

About the Measuring National Wellbeing Programme

The Measuring National Wellbeing programme began in November 2010 with the aim to ‘develop and publish an accepted and trusted set of National Statistics which help people understand and monitor wellbeing’. The Programme has developed a set of 41 headline measures, organised by ten ‘domains’ including topics such as 'Health', 'What we do' and 'Where we live'. The measures include both objective data (for example, number of crimes against the person per 1,000 adults) and subjective data (for example, percentage who felt safe walking alone after dark). Measures are updated with latest data in March and September each year. The 'Life in the UK' report accompanies the March update and takes a closer look at measures within each domain. Where possible, data are presented for the UK. Where this is not the case, the best available geography is used. Data are the latest available at February 2014.

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