A picture is worth a thousand words

I just looked up the provenance of the above well known phrase. Wikipedia tells me it "refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. It also aptly characterises one of the main goals of visualisation, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly".

Apparently the phrase was first picked up in a newspaper article in 1911. I think it's very true that an image can sometimes convey very easily, ideas that can be hard to explain using just words.

The 'rich picture' below is a bit of a combination of art and words, but I think it very aptly portrays the buzzy atmosphere of this year's LGA annual conference and captures all of the key speakers and messages, including the LGA's new campaign 'Rewiring Public Services', which was a central theme throughout the event.



I realise it's a little tricky to take it all in here, so you can download a high resolution version for a closer look in here.


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