Could you use your data more intelligently?

Use your data more effectively to yield insightful information that can help you better deliver your services. Our customer insight series provides the opportunity for you to learn from peers how to…

…Identify disadvantaged young people in your borough (on 26 Jan 2012)

Tameside Strategic Partnership developed a model that looks at numbers of children by need and age. The children’s needs segmentation model disaggregates cost to show budgetary spend and is represented on a visual map. Come along to understand how this model was developed and how it has helped improve service delivery within Children’s services.


…create a vulnerable person’s profile (on 8 Mar 2012)

Led by Merseyside Fire and Rescue service, the fire risk reduction partnership with Merseyside Police, NHS/PCT, Local Authority, third sector, and Liverpool John Moores University developed a vulnerable person’s profile with an agreed generic definition of vulnerability. Learn how the vulnerable person’s profile was developed, how it was used to identify people and risk and how it has improved service delivery for all partners.


…develop a customised categorisation of your population (on 27 Mar 2012)

In Tameside 50% of households fall into just three of the national Mosaic profiles and there are only a small number of households in a further two segments. Tameside council realised that in order to get the most out of customer insight, a customer segmentation model needed to be created that more accurately identified the needs of residents and their characteristics. The result of this work was the creation of Tameside Insight. Come along to hear how this segmentation helps to target resources more efficiently and to ensure needs of residents are met in the most appropriate way.


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