Raising new voices through open government, neighbours online

This is something I've circulated today - for councils interested in inclusive uses of social media, let's connect. - Steve


From: Steven Clift <clift@e-democracy.org>
Subject: Upcoming UK visit, neighbours online Nov. 30, inclusive civic tech event too?

After the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, I will be stopping
in London to do an Neighbours Online for All seminar in Kingston upon
Thames on Sat, Nov. 30.

We've shared one of a kind lessons from our efforts to inclusively
connect lower income local communities across ethnicity,
immigrant/native born, etc. online in similar events in LA, San
Francisco, Seattle, etc. This blog post summarizes the effort to
connect 10,000 residents across St. Paul (door to door combined with
online): https://bitly.com/edemknight

If you'd like an invite, we may have some seats for those outside of
Kingston (we are working with their One Norbiton project
http://onenorbiton.org.uk ). There will be a small fee.

Email  - clift@e-democracy.org with "Kingston event" in the subject
line for more info.

* Monday, Dec 2?? - New Voices and Civic Technology/Open Government Round table

I have about **36 hours** to consider extending my stay an extra two
days IF there is interest in organizing a round table discussion about
raising new and more representative voices through open government and
civic technology on Monday, Dec. 2.

I've hosted two sold-out gatherings in DC and San Francisco were we've
reviewed and discussed the results of the PewInternet.org Civic
Engagement in the Digital Age - http://bitly.com/digicivic - report.
Of course these are U.S. numbers, but now is the time to deeply
explore how to promote open government and civic tech that raises new
voices and not just more similar or loud voices.

On a related note I will be speaking on broader local open government
trends (from the U.S. mostly) in Helsinki and Tallinn with a new
presentation earlier in the trip. So, in addition to my interest in
seeing more dialogue, I will have a fresh overview speech on trends
where I will try to suss out real broad impact from isolated hype.

If your organization would like to sponsor/host something, get in
touch ASAP before my flights get locked in: clift@e-democracy.org

Steven Clift

Steven Clift - http://stevenclift.com
  Executive Director - http://E-Democracy.org
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