SOCITM & IBM Top Talent Leadership Programme 2013/14

What is it?
Public service and third sector organisations need to adopt best practices of modern businesses, learning from private sector experts in the field of transformational change, whilst fine-tuning the understanding of changes impacting these sectors. IBM is recognised as a global leader in business change, and has achieved much of this through a constant focus on leadership development, through its internal programmes such as 'Top Talent'.
This focus is mirrored in Planting the Flag, the the Socitm initiative, supported by the Local CIO Council, which sets out an agenda for ICT-enabled local public services reform. This agenda specifically identifies leadership as a key capability for Socitm members to underpin their role in transformational change.

The Top Talent programme ran for the first time in 2012, receiving very positive feedback from all participants and their sponsoring organisations. As a result, this programme is now being re-run in 2013. The simple aim of this initiative is to help equip future transformation leaders with the skills, knowledge and confidence to effect meaningful change in their own organisation.

Who is it for?
It is anticipated that participants on this programme will be drawn from a variety of public and third sector organisations. The most important selection criteria are that these individuals are recognised as potential senior leaders, have executive sponsorship behind them, and will be engaged in important transformational projects over the next 12 months.

The programme will be conducted over 6 month period from May 2013 to November 2013 with the graduation ceremony being held at the autumn 2013 conference. The key elements of the programme are detailed below:

  • 2 day kick-off and leadership workshop session at IBM (date 4-5 June)
  • Identify and sign-off a personal business transformation project
  • Candidates will be assigned to a personal IBM professional coach for scheduled 1-1 sessions
  • Each candidate will be 'buddied' with a relevant IBM professional
  • Mid-term workshop at the IBM Smarter Cities research centre in Dublin (2 days, Sept tbd)
  • Regular community calls and webinars/briefings via the Knowledgehub
  • Final assessment and graduation day

There are no fees associated with this programme however the candidate is expected to secure funding for travel and subsistence for the two workshop sessions identified above.

Induction for successful candidates will be held via a web conference during May, and followed by the 2-day workshop on 4-5 June in London, where candidates will meet each other and share their roles and focus areas for 2013. This 2 day workshop will be run by a professional IBM leadership development trainer, and will include round table sessions with invited leaders from Local Public Services.

Application Process
Applicants must first identify a senior executive in their organisation and secure their support.

Application form

If you wish to discuss your application with the programme leaders, please contact:

  • Socitm Programme Leader Nadira Hussain on07900 566090 or
  • IBM Programme Leader Steve Cliff on 07710 035 877

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