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I've become very aware recently of the trials and tribulations of moustache hygiene and etiquette recently. The sudden catapult into the financial exploitation of follicular facial furniture has led me to a world hither too unknown. I shall not, for example, be drinking Guinness until December at the earliest. Soup is a delicate operation and even cups of tea are a bit of a different experience.Picture of me with crazy moustache!

What one does in the face of this is pay far more attention than is strictly healthy, to ones need to check ones face for unwanted detritus. I find myself taking an unseemly interest in mirrored surfaces in the search for unsightly scraps.

I tell you all this in the hope that those of you who are potential sponsors realise that this endeavour is not simply a matter of sitting back and letting it happen. There are issues to consider and an itchy, scratchy element to contend with constantly. And I’m not even going to mention the relationship deficit. I’m loosing brownie points by the dozen! I’ll be in negative equity in no time.

Please recognise our suffering and sponsor us!

I had a discussion today that gave me much pause for thought regarding this particular predicament. Not because it was a shared interest or even a professional problem but because it was comedic and therefore interesting.

A colleague and I had a brief chat about my quest for moustachioed magnificence whilst making a cup of tea and I suggested I should blog about it. They immediately said they would follow me on Khub as a result.

If this is the price of popularity, I for one am willing to prostitute myself by being a hostage to fortune!

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