I got a bigger response from an article I failed to post

I blog for the Health Service Journal (HSJ) and have always sent in my article for them to post. This means they decide if and when it appears. A change of personnel and Andrew has taken over, he suggested I post my blog direct as I do for this site. Great they must trust me because in the past not all my articles have appeared. Their site proved more difficult to use. I am not sure what I did wrong but the title appeared without the article!

Now here’s the interesting bit. People started posting comments not hey idiot you have posted a blank page but posting answers to the rhetorical question in the title! 

This made me wonder do they think I am being cleverer than I am. Could I get away with posting titles that contained questions and save myself the trouble of writing the blog?

I had suspected from comments on mine and other peoples’ blogs that some people didn’t read the blog before posting their  a sarcastic, cynical or critical response.. Now I have evidence.

Not every site attracts the pleasant and polite professionals who visit the local Gov site. Where people tend not to comment but give it the thumbs up if they like it.

If I get 5 or more “likes” I will post the missing article so you can read for yourself what type of tile prompts a response to a nonexistent article  and what they would have read had I been better with the technology.



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