So, how is KHub doing? Getting to grips with the stats ...


I’m no Johnny come lately to Olympic fandom. I have unashamedly loved the Games for as long as I can remember (I believe my Seoul ’88 t-shirt was surgically removed just before school started back after the summer holidays). It’s the perfect partner for my fascination with useless information (’88 wasn’t a vintage Olympic year for this part of the world – 0 medals for Ireland, GB were 12th in the medals table) and allows me to sound like an expert statistician as I rhyme off the finer details of working out the points awarded in the heptathlon (with considerable help from Wikipedia).
It’s been hard to drag myself away from keeping up date in everything from handball to women’s laser radial, so I thought I would ease myself into work with a spot of Google Analytics (still getting my statistics fix – phew) for Knowledge Hub.
So here goes, in the past month Knowledge Hub has had:
21,606 unique visitors 
314,888 page views 
27.43% bounce rate 
72.41% returning visitor rate 
As with all stats, these don’t have much value without context and I’d need to take a look at other metrics to have a better sense of how we are doing. When I was glancing through dates I had a momentary panic when one particular day had only a few hundred visitors, but then realised it was a Sunday – probably not the busiest day for a work based collaborative platform …
Thankfully the whole KHub team is as enthusiastic/(geeky?) about statistics as I am, so between our occasional Olympic fix, we’ll be looking at these figures to get a sense of how we are doing and where we should be focusing our efforts. It would be great if we could marry these up with your ideas, input and feedback as users of the site and help us shape priorities for future development (just post something in the Feedback group).
Don’t forget that if you’re a facilitator of a group you can also use Google Analytics to check how your group is doing.  Michael Norton has created a handy how to guide.
Now if you don’t mind, I just need to check the nationality of gold medal winners of +67 kg women’s category in Taekwondo since its introduction as an official (non demonstration) Olympic sport in Sydney 2000.*
*China, China, Mexico since you didn’t ask ….

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Mark Upton 8 Years Ago
Too be honest it is not as good as the old site. I cannot see any real enhancements beyond the superficial presentation. Indeed, I think the change over has taken the community backwards. Sorry I wish I could be more positive.
Michelle Marie Rea 8 Years Ago
Thanks Mark - any specific feedback is always really useful - just post it in the feedback group! M