I'm back and sort of new but definitely improved

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My presence on Communities of Practice has documented my changing roles and goals since 2009 but I have not been good at blogging my experiences and thoughts. So now I’m back with new goals, in a new role, a new attitude and a commitment to blog regularly (lucky you!)

Back in 2009 I was managing the Edinburgh Housing Advice Network via Edinburgh Council. The purpose of the network was to bring together people working in housing and homelessness in the public and third sectors to share information, knowledge and to organise a yearly programme of face to face networking meetings and peer training sessions. When I came into post the network was managed by a very creaky email distribution list of over 300 people and a file of phone numbers. I manually recorded delegates for training and networking on paper in giant files that were kept for manually calculating attendance, gathering feedback and all this went into a spreadsheet that was sent somewhere on high. I did this for years until I found out about Communities of Practice and moved the network online which was very successful and even attracted new users.

After discovering how much easier it is to communicate with people and organise work using CoPs I became evangelical about them in Edinburgh and I’m proud to say I had some influence on some colleagues. I’ve moved away from Edinburgh Council for a spell with Improvement Service and now in my role as Online Knowledge Officer I have the opportunity to evangelise to all 32 local authorities in Scotland, and their partners, about social computing in an enterprise setting, not with Communities of Practice, but with the love child it’s created with mainstream public social networking tools- Knowledge Hub (KHub).

If you’re reading this you will already be aware of KHub (and may even be using it right now) but if you’re not too sure about it get in touch with me immediately. My role in Improvement Service is to help all Scottish users of CoPs, who want to migrate to KHub, migrate successfully and rejuvenate their communities where it’s needed. I’m also on hand to help people learn how to use KHub to its full potential as the functionality is different from CoP and the ways to connect with others and to attract others to you are also different. It’s hopefully going to bring people together in a better way and help people find the information that is relevant to them- something that is a little difficult in CoPs. It’s also going to help us further develop the openness and greater collaboration that will help us achieve our new financial obligations. If you’re a Scottish community facilitator or member and you need any information, help, support-anything- just get in touch.

I’ll be blogging here and on KHub (copied over until the end of March) about our transition. Please comment, connect and enjoy!

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