Data sharing with the DWP

16th December 2011.  Had an enthusiastic discussion with folk at the DWP about ideas for sharing their awards data with Local Authorities.

This was particularly sparked from the scenario of Local Authority financial assessments of older people's ability to pay for care, typically by home visits; in many cases the DWP already has this information and the supporting evidence.  There are many more scenarios where Local Authorities can re-use this information.

The standards approach is to assert that:

A user is empowered by their organisation to take on a role as they request data for a purpose which gives them a right to certain data items.


So, it would be good to have a re-useable data service from the DWP that can be configured for various purposes, roles, and types of organisations, and that re-uses the existing secure network and employee authentication service, to serve up the right data items to the right user.

This feels like a pattern that could be adopted for data services from any data owner.

LeGSB will be working with colleagues at the DWP to work this thinking up.


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